All properties have a value - even in insolvency proceedings. We are committed to maintaining, optimizing and realizing this value!

Professional solutions, especially for major projects and portfolios, within our warehouse concept.

Over the past four years, the total value of successful property sales has reached the double-digit range in millions of euros.




The partners in dnp DEPPING GmbH & Co. KG have acted as bankruptcy administrators since 1995 and insolvency administrators since 1999.

In 2008, the partnership was registered as a Kommanditgesellschaft (limited liability partnership) to provide a more organized structure in view of the progressive growth of activities.

Our legal expertise acquired through many years of practical experience is of considerable benefit in all proceedings. On the basis of a holistic analysis of each insolvency case, we are well aware of the economic and organizational complexity of the objectives of insolvency law and have always employed equal numbers of lawyers and economists.