Our team


dnp DEPPING has an experienced team of lawyers and economists specializing in consultancy services, interim management and the administration of companies in crisis upon appointment by the court. dnp DEPPING focuses especially on financing problems and international relationships in crisis and insolvency situations.

In total, the three regularly appointed insolvency administrators of dnp DEPPING have acted as sequestrators, receivers, (provisional and final) settlement administrators and (provisional and final) insolvency administrators in about 1,300 insolvency and bankruptcy cases since 1995. In addition, about 2,500 personal insolvencies have been processed.

dnp DEPPING has a total of 30 employees, including four fully qualified lawyers, one MBA and two graduates in business management from universities of applied sciences.

Apart from Bernd Depping, attorney-at-law, Roman-Knut Seger, attorney-at-law, specialist attorney for insolvency law (Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig Local Courts) and Steffen Reusch, attorney-at-law, MBA (Essen, Bochum and Münster Local Courts) are also appointed as insolvency administrators.


The project team

Apart from exercising our official function, we see our activities as interdisciplinary teamwork. The objective is to implement the restructuring and recovery procedure in a purposeful, guided way in order to improve the prospects of success in the interests of all stakeholders.


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attorney-at-law Bernd Depping

attorney-at-law Steffen Reuschattorney-at-law Roman-Knut Seger

Diplom Kaufmann Robert RenatDipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Andreas Bargel

Real estate

attorney-at-law Beate Bojcum